Commercial Grade Yocto Based Linux Distribution from Enea

The Emerging De Facto Distribution in Next Generation Communications and Networking Systems with Superior Real-time Performance

Today we are announcing the release of Enea Linux 2.0, providing a comprehensive cross-development tool chain and runtime environment for a selection of communication and networking target architectures.

We have always been experts in real-time, and with Linux in our portfolio we continue to bring innovation and relevance to a market.

Enea Linux 2.0 is Yocto based, and hardened for guaranteed performance and quality of service (QoS). With the commercial grade distribution comes flexible support offerings, worldwide support and maintenance, expert professional services, and a proven technical alignment process for close cooperation, not to mention legal insurance and responsibility.

For real-time sensitive applications Enea offers complementary technology innovations allowing for realtime characteristics in Linux-based solutions, enhancing the performance and applicability of Linux in networking infrastructure.

Please visit for more details about Enea Linux, and our complementing Linux user-space technologies.

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